Each fisherman must register separately. $50 entry fee per person. Tournament will feature a team weigh-in, as well as individual big crappie competition. Maximum of 3 anglers per boat.

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Go Fish! Crappie RULES and Guidelines for October 10th, 2021 Tournament.
(rules subject to change before tournament date)


  1. Cost of entry is $50 per fisherman. Maximum 3 fisherman per boat/team.

  2. Must fish from a boat at all times, not tied to any dock or structure.

  3. Starting location can be anywhere on Lake of the Ozarks if "pre-registered" before tournament. ALL others must start at Surdyke's Port 20. NO fishing before 7:00 am.

  4. NO live bait.

  5. Must have working live well before, during and after tournament times.

  6. All fish must be 10’’ or larger.  A team weigh in of 15 fish per boat will count towards weigh in. Crappie only!

  7. All Fishing stops at 2:00pm.  Weigh in line ends at 3:00pm.  You may drive in to the weight in location, but parking is very limited.  Boating in is suggested.

  8. Fish must be alive at weigh in to avoid penalty.

  9. Life jackets or personal flotation devices must be worn while on plane. All State and Local rules and regulations supersede tournament rules.

  10. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed during the tournament. Use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs during tournament hours is prohibited and will result in disqualification.

  11. Trolling, as a method of fishing, is prohibited during tournament hours. Pole must be held in hand. Two pole limit per fisherman.

  12. By your participation in the Surdyke Yamaha Go Fish tournament, you agree to comply with the rules, and agree to submit to and pass a polygraph test or similar truth test in order to qualify for the receipt of any prize.

  13. Teams must comply with all State and boating regulations, including the use of P.F.D.'s and kill switches. Fishing, boating regulations, insurance and licenses are the responsibility of team members. State fishing laws and boating regulations supersede tournament rules. Violation of State or Lake Laws is grounds for disqualification

  14. Organizers may alter Rules and Guidelines prior to start time and offer any refunds at that time. There will be NO protest period after 3:15PM Sunday, Oct. 10th.

  15. Prizes will be as follows...

    $2000 for first place team

    $1250 for second place team

    $800 for third place team

    $550 for fourth place team

    $400 for fifth place team

  16. The prize for the "Big Ass Crappie Contest", fishing from any boat, will be a Redneck Canvas Blind. The awards will be made to the fisherman who catches the largest crappie during the tournament. A $20 entry fee will apply to this contest.

  17. Children must be 12 and under to fish in Youth Class. Top finisher in Youth Class will receive a free Yamaha sea scooter.